Pinky Beecroft is a musician, singer, writer, performer.

Beecroft was (and still is) the front-person for a bunch of bands, he was on the TV-show The Glasshouse, he was on a bunch of other shows, he does one-man live spoken-word comedy performance stuff, he writes TV & films and plays piano & instruments & everything and he hangs out with people like wildlife experts & firemen & forklift operators and he once saved a child from drowning no it was an adult and it wasn’t drowning but he saved it that’s what they reckon. And also he was in a band called The White Russians. Or maybe it was called something else. But it was really, really good.

Beecroft calls himself other names, sometimes he calls himself PB Croft and writes stuff under that name and mostly doesn’t show it to anybody because it’s secret but if it’s not secret he calls himself some other name and sometimes he calls himself badger with no capitals anywhere, like silverchair except with badger instead of silverchair. Also there are people who think they know him and they go, “oh I know that guy his real name is Matt Ford.” These are often people who do not know much about anything, and in some cultures they are referred to as “ass-hats.”


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