The White Russians

Pinky Beecroft & The White Russians …. formed in 2006, with members from Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, Australia. The band itself was mostly based in Redfern. Released an EP, self-titled, five tracks, released 30th September, 2006.

Somethin’ Somewhere Better – the first White Russians album, thirteen tracks, released 23rd August, 2008.

Pretty Black – the difficult second album, thirteen tracks, released 14th November, 2009.

Rock Boots, another EP, released a few years ago, maybe 2012 I can’t remember. But there’s a marvellous film-clip somewhere on youTube.

All recordings released on the Gigpiglet label and available thru iTunes.

Some tremendous musicians, in no particular order:

PB Croft – vocals, piano, keyboards
Nick Stewart – guitars
Christian McBride – drums, vocals
Ryan Adamson – guitars, harmonica, melodica
Ben T – bass
Damian Cafarella – guitars, vocals

and sometimes:
Marcus Ryan – drums
Fiona Franklin – drums

Supported Elvis Costello, among others. Had good times. We should reunite and play Tasmania again. No, seriously, we should.